The traditions of arranging great music events in the summertown of Tõrva go back to 1988 when on the town square the concert version of Gershwin’s Borgy and Bess was performed, conducted by Eri Klas and seen by more than six thousand spectators. At that time it was planned to continue with similar conecerts annually but the economic recession in Estonia in the nineties caused a pause. The new beginning for annual summer concerts was made in 2008. This was the first concert performance with the titleTõrva Loits with a plan to improve the image of Tõrva and bring Estonian culture to the locality. Today Tõrva Loits is one of the biggest and most spectacular summer events in Estonia.

Tõrva Loits 2008

The concert was performed on a floating stage, installed on Lake Vanamõisa. The programme comprised songs from operettas and musicals performed by Estonian Defence Orchestra, ensemble Singer Vinger, soloists Lauri Liiv, Hardi Volmer, Jaan-Willem Sibul, Merle Jalakas, Jaanika Sillamaa, Urmas Põldma. The spell was said by Hardi Volmer. The concert ended with patriotic songs composed by Alo Mattiisen. The number of spectators was 2008 !!!

Tõrva Loits 2009

The location for the concert was once again Lake Vanamõisa and the floating stage. Performers : Birgit Õigemeel, Andres Dvinjaninov, Hannes Kaljujärv, Merle Jalakas and Jaan Willem Sibul. The singers were accompanied by Estonian Defence Orchestra, conducter Peeter Saan. Ensemble Ultima Thule together with Riho Sibul gave a distinctive programme. Everybody enjoyed the charming Tõrva Girls’ Choir singing their best songs and heard the first-time presentation of „Kodulaul“ , dedicated to the town of Tõrva, composed by Priit Pajusaar.


Tõrva Loits 2010

The location in 2010 was the park of Tõrva Gymnasium and the topic was genuine Estonian music . Performers: Marko Matvere, Liisi Koikson, Kristjan Kasearu, Birgit Varjun, Tõrva Girls’ Choir and Tõrva Male Ensemble. The soloists were accompanied by Ensemble Eclectica. The spell was said by Hardi Volmer. The peak of the event was one hundred male dancers, Irhena Fire Fairies and ensemble Metsatöll.


Tõrva Loits 2011

Once again Tõrva Loits was perfomed in the park of Tõrva Gymnasium. About one hundred male dancers partcipated in the programme, leading role by Märt Agu. Other performers Eda-Ines Etti, Ott Lepland and the attraction of the event Drumlab from Viljandi, on the world’s biggest drums.


Tõrva Loits 2012

In 2012 Tõrva Loits celebarted its 5th anniversary. Again, the tradtional performance brought together Estonian best artists, linking music and theatre, wildlife, drums and fire. The location was the park of Tõrva Gymnasium. Performers included Koit Toome , Voldemar Kuslap, ensembles Lenna & Vaiko Eplik, No-Big-Silence & Tiit Kikas. The peak of the evening was the traditional spelling ceremony which this time had the legend „The Whole Truth of St.George’s Night“, specially written for Tõrva Loits by Indrek Hargla. The legend tried to find answers to several questions that had been unanswered in the dim past. The music of the performance was composed by Peeter Volkonski and Vaiko Eplik, the texts were written by Hardi Volmer and Jarek Kasari, production by Mart Koldits. Märt Agu arranged movemens for about one hundred men who gave the audience an idea what a st.Geporge’s Night was like six hundred years ago. The music was performed by Peeter Volkonski, Lenna Kuurmaa, Vaiko Eplik, Ensemble Lenna and Drumlab from Viljandi. The fire performance was given by Trikivabrik and Valgusfestival i Tulemeistrid (Light Festival Firemasters).


Tõrva Loits 2013

For the first time Tõrva Loits, which has now become the biggest and most influential music, water and fire outdoor spectacles in Estonia, took place on the picturesque lakeside of Veskijärv. With the help of 300 dancers and 200 choir singers the best pieces of the Estonian national epic were brought in front of guests under the name The Greatest Hits of Kalevipoeg for which the director Mart Koldits and choreographer Märt Agu had gained inspiration from the works of F. R. Kreutzwald. The evening was filled with performances from Jaan Tätte & Udupasun, Päär Pärenson and a local choir from Tõrva. The sounds made by the world’s biggest drums were brought to every concertgoer by Viljandi Drumlab and as a little treat, Tanel Padar & The Sun, one of the greatest rock´n´roll bands in Estonia, put on a performance specially created for Tõrva Loits.

Photos by Ülav Neumann


Tõrva Loits 2014

The tradition to take new and fresh interpretations of Estonian folk tales on stage continued. This time the well-known director Mart Koldits gained inspiration for the grandiose show of Tõrva Loits from the tales collected by F. R. Kreutzwald. The show was livened up by two of the most intensely sounding rock bands in Estonia, Metsatöll and Winny Puhh, who were on stage simultaneously, assisted by the best dancers (choreographer Märt Agu), parkourers and a massive show of fire, water and light effects. Musical support for the audience was given by Vallatud Vestid (Tanel Padar, Ott Lepland and Jalmar Vabarna), and Hendrik Sal-Saller, who was accompanied on stage by an orchestra and local vocalists Brigita Sillaots and Gertu Pabbo.

Photos by Ülav Neumann and Andrus Abel


Tõrva Loits 2015

Photos by Ülav Neumann and Andrus Abel